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So you are looking to buy a house in Istanbul, Turkey.

if you are a foreigner you should consider the value of your investment considering the inflation rate for Turkish Lira, the price of the property house or villa or otherwise , the return if you rent the house for monthly payments, and so on.

the most important thing is how much is the price of the house you will buy today in USD and how much it’s gonna be in 2 or 5 years also in USD , most probably you are not gonna make a profit or a very little profit if you consider your capital money as USD not Turkish Lira.

the average price for houses in Istanbul city center is between 5000 – 12000 Turkish lira per square meter in the year of 2018 , that was about 1330 USD minimum for square meter which became about  1030 six months later , lets say you want to buy a 100 meters house , your loss would be about 30000 USD in six months.

So your best bet is to buy a house or a land in new areas where are the prices are still in the range of 2500 – 6000 Turkish Lira , you can buy a house that is still under construction and that way you would double your profit if you want to sell it after the project is fully finished and people started living in it.

You can still make a little margin of profit if you want to buy a house that’s ready to live in if you buy a house in the new areas of Istanbul like Maslak , Beylikduzu , Basaksehir etc.

After all when you want to live in Istanbul it is better to buy a house than to live in a rental one as the prices of houses in Istanbul always go up especially with the new projects that the government or private companies or developers build all the time.

In the end we wish you a good luck in buying your future house in Istanbul or any other city in Turkey.


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